Joy N.P

Shower enclosure in niche, consisting of a 6-millimeter folding door. Internal and external opening 180°, H 200 centimeters.

Piatto Doccia Joy N.P

The niche shower “Gioia N.p” represents elegance and functionality in one product. With its 180-degree folding door, easy opening and high-quality finish, this shower offers a luxurious bathroom experience. The “Gioia N.p” recessed shower is a perfect solution for those seeking style and practicality in their bathroom. The folding door allows both inside and outside opening, providing easy and convenient access to the shower. Easy opening is further facilitated by the presence of an ergonomic horizontal handle, which adds a sophisticated design touch. The glass used in this shower has a thickness of 6 millimeters and a height of 200 centimeters, ensuring a flawless seal and lasting strength. The robustness of the glass provides a safe feeling during use and gives the shower an elegant and refined appearance. Accessibility is another strength of this shower, thanks to the small size of the drop-saving profile. This allows easy entry and exit from the shower, ensuring a comfortable experience for all users. Profile finishes are available in several options, including satin silver, polished silver, white, and matte black. These finishes blend seamlessly with the overall design of the shower, creating a refined and modern environment in the bathroom. In addition, crystal finishes offer further possibilities for customization. In addition to the traditional clear and satin finishes, special finishes such as extra clear, gray clear, bronze clear, gray satin, and mirror (mirror effect) can be chosen. These options allow you to adapt the shower to the style and aesthetic vision of your bathroom. The niche shower “Gioia N.p” represents one of the most beautiful shower collections offered by CSA. With its elegant design, ease of use, and high-quality finish, this shower is ideal for those who wish to add a touch of luxury and style to their bathroom. The “Gioia N.p” recessed shower is an elegant and functional option with quality finishes and refined design for a luxurious shower experience.