Jade C.2FS

Semicircular shower enclosure, consisting of 2 fixed and 2 central 4-millimeter sliding doors. H 185 centimenters.

Piatto Doccia Jade C.2FS

The semicircular shower “Jade C.2fs” is a modern design option that fits perfectly with current trends. This elegant model combines aesthetics and comfort to provide a high-quality shower experience. The semicircular shower “Jade C.2fs” is a trendy choice for the contemporary bathroom. Its round shape is still very popular because of its attractive appearance and the space it manages to save. This model is designed to offer the perfect balance of design and functionality. The shower consists of two sliding sides, allowing easy access and convenience during use. The crystal used is 4 millimeters thick and 185 centimeters high, ensuring a solid and durable structure. A variety of crystal finishes are available, including acrylic clear, transparent, and printed C (orange peel effect), to best suit the desired style. In addition, the profiles are available in white and polished silver finishes, adding a touch of elegance and personalization to the shower. The semicircular shower “Jade C.2fs” is an ideal choice for those seeking a perfect mix of aesthetics and functionality. Its modern and attractive design fits easily into any type of bathroom, lending an atmosphere of sophistication and comfort. With this semi-circular shower, you can transform your bathroom into a luxurious space, creating a pleasant and relaxing showering experience every day. The “Jade C.2fs” semicircular shower is a contemporary design choice that offers uncompromising comfort and style, enriching your bathroom with elegance.