Geneva A.2P

Corner shower enclosure, consisting of 2 folding doors with 4mm 180° opening. H 185 cm.

Piatto Doccia Geneva A.2P

The “Geneva A.2p” corner shower is an excellent combination of modern design and advanced functionality. With its folding sides and 180-degree opening, it offers a versatile and practical showering experience, fitting perfectly into the corner spaces of contemporary bathrooms. The “Geneva A.2p” shower enclosure is designed to offer maximum flexibility and functionality. The two sides of the shower are collapsible, allowing both internal and external 180-degree opening. This feature allows convenient entry and exit of the shower from both sides, making it easy to enter and exit. The shower doors are equipped with a lifting mechanism, which enables smooth and effortless opening and closing. This mechanism ensures durability and ease of use in daily life. The shower base rail has a minimal footprint, allowing easy access to the shower. This clever design optimizes the available space in the bathroom and offers a practical and functional solution. The glass used in the corner shower “Geneva A.2p” is 4 millimeters thick and 185 centimeters high, ensuring a solid and durable structure. It is available in several finishes, including clear acrylic, which provides clear visibility and a modern appearance. As for the profiles, glossy white and silver finishes are available. These finishes blend harmoniously with the overall design of the shower, giving it an elegant and refined appearance. The “Ginevra A.2p” corner shower is an excellent compromise between modern design and advanced functionality. With its innovative technical features, it offers a practical and versatile solution for the bathroom. With its sturdy construction, quality crystal and refined finish, this shower is an ideal addition to create a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing shower environment. The “Geneva A.2p” corner shower combines modern design, advanced functionality and elegant finishes, ensuring a superior showering experience.