Jade A.2FS

Corner shower enclosure, consisting of 2 fixed and 2 sliding 4mm doors. H 185 cm.

Piatto Doccia Jade A.2FS

The “Giada A.2fs” corner shower from the “Giada” collection is an excellent compromise between quality and price. With its classic and unpretentious design, this shower will satisfy everyone’s taste while offering functionality and style. This “Jade A.2fs” shower features a configuration consisting of two sliding sides, making access and exit easier. The glass used for this shower has a thickness of 4 millimeters and a height of 185 centimeters, ensuring strength and durability. A distinctive feature of this shower is the ball-bearing sliding system, which allows smooth and quiet movement of the doors. This mechanism adds a touch of functionality and ease of use to the overall shower experience. Crystal finishes are available in a variety of options, including clear acrylic, clear, frosted, and molded C (orange peel effect), allowing the appearance of the shower to be customized to individual preferences. As for the profiles, you can choose from white and shiny silver finishes, which blend harmoniously with the overall design of the shower. The “Jade A.2fs” corner shower is a perfect balance of attractive design, functionality and affordable price, meeting the needs of every customer.